Want to make a meal like you'd get at The Seaforth?: It's really quite simple if you follow these easy steps:

Seaforth Prawns
Step 1 - Get a boat Step 2 - Go to Sea
A "Boat"
Buy a suitable boat, obtain certification,
 as a skipper and permits to fish.


The "Sea"
Head away from the coast for a few hours.
(Hitting Islands should be avoided)


Step 3 - Identify fishing grounds Step 4 - Shoot creels
Watch out for land...
If you don't have years experience,
use equipment to find fishing grounds.


Here prawny, prawnies...
Bait creels, spread them over grounds.
(trawling can be considered too)


Step 5 - Wait for prawns Step 6 - Sort catch
Nephrops norvegicus
Go ashore and wait for a day.
Patience is a virtue...


Lift creels and sort catch.
(presuming you have caught some)


Step 7 - Boil Prawns Step 8 - Eat
Salt and boil a pan of water.
Add prawns.


Drain. Allow to cool.


Alternatively, come and see us and we'll let you sit, enjoy a drink and leave the above to us...

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